Thought for the Day: Why Doing a Task doubly Is

Thought for the Day: Why Doing a Task doubly is healthier Than coming up with and Doing It Once

Yesterday, i used to be repairing a part of the overhang on my house. It had sustained some water harm, and that i required to feature a timber piece of wood for a few further support.

I had already cut another, agent piece. however i made a decision a additional substantial piece was required. And creating it a touch longer would provides a nice, tight fit.

The thought occurred to Pine Tree State to live the place wherever i might place the timber. however that meant finding my mensuration tape and ascent the ladder round the corner. What a trouble.

So I lay the agent piece on the timber, supplementary a touch extra for the great, tight fit, and ran my carpenter’s saw back and forth over the wood. at intervals a few minutes I had my custom-sized support.

As you’ve got most likely already guessed, the match was terribly tight — a lot of too tight — in truth, too tight by regarding [*fr1] an in..

Do you recognize what it’s wish to cut [*fr1] an in. from a timber — with a hand saw?

When “slicing” a bit that skinny, the sting of the wood keeps abruption. This makes it arduous to stay the saw in situ. This makes the cut take regarding seventeen times as long because the original.

But this can be an improved approach than mensuration initial.

It’s gotta be.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t bonk therefore typically.

Now, I even have detected that, as I’ve aged, I don’t interact within the “do it twice” game as typically as I wont to. additional and more I realize myself doing the “plan it first” game.

So i assume the advantage to the “do it twice” game is this: it proves that you’re still young.

And stupid.

At least now i do know why recent folks are slow:

– as a result of they’ll be.
– as a result of they arrange initial.
– as a result of they solely do things once.

So it’d take them half-hour to try and do one thing that I will waste six. however since I even have to try and do it twelve times, I even have to rush to try and do seventy two minutes of labor. That’s seventy two minutes for a task that takes recent folks solely thirty.

That leaves them forty two minutes to run slow, fancy their food, and take naps.

I wont to suppose that recent folks had to require naps, as a result of they were — well — recent.

Now I see that recent folks get to require naps, as a result of they’re — well — good.

Unfortunately, although I’ve simply learned a valuable lesson, I’m certain of 1 factor. There are a minimum of eleventeen hundred additional “do it twice” game moves looming in my future.

Well … gotta get going. I’ve some additional mensuration to skip.

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